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Top-quality products, HACCP certified, Halal certified.

Halal Frozen Beef and halal meat selections

We offer you frozen meat, fresh meat, chilled meat, beef cuts, beef products, all are manufacturers in India & Brazil. Well established family owned meat factories and approved halal slaughterhouses, our company is the representing agent for the end producer of meat products, raw meat, raw beef, beef cuts, and all kind of meat cuts. Processed and cut in government certified factories.

Halal Certifications

Top-quality products, HACCP certified, Halal certified

Hot Sale Frozen Buffalo Meat Fresh Halal Buffalo Boneless and with Bone Meat.

Production of Deboned deglanded frozen buffalo meat for export from countries like India is a very regulated industry under the compulsory licensing of Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), Ministry of Commerce (MOC), Government of India (GOI).

Frozen Foods
Frozen Foods

We offer you buy frozen chicken paws, Frozen Chicken Feet, chicken gizzard, Frozen Chicken Breast Bone, Frozen Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless, Frozen Chicken Leg Quarter, Frozen Chicken Mid-Joint Wings, Frozen Chicken Neck, Frozen Chicken thigh and more

Brazilian broiler exports might reach a new record of 4.85 million tonnes in 2022, according to ABPA (Brazilian Association for Animal Protein). This would be 5% more than in 2021 when the country exported 4.6 million tonnes.

Best Practices for Preparing Raw Meat

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