It’s been a combined journey of over 30 years since buyers and sellers have entrusted us with making the right decisions for their various business.  From expansion to day-to-day business transactions our expertise has managed to lay a foundation for the future of many of our clients. From technical textiles, business consulting, contract liaising, medical apparels manufacturing to product sourcing. 

IGWT GLOBAL is working towards empowering and enabling the world.
From supporting farmers to local small and medium scale businesses by encouraging fair pricing, ideas of scaling the business and reaching out to global markets. We deal with a wide range of merchandise across various sectors including energy, metal, and agricultural markets.

Container Yard
Vietnam's seafood production
Power Pole Repair
Machine Engine
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Dissecting forceps (toothed), Hinged forceps, Tissue clamp, Surgical probe, Handheld retractor, Surgical scalpel, Angled surgical scissors 

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium






Surgical clothing gowns, Beddings, Sheets, Pillow cover, Uniforms, Surgical hosiery, Caps, Masks, Wipes, Gowns, Masks, Surgical cover drapes, Blankets, Coverstock

Lyrcra, Cotton, Silk, Polypropylene, Linen

Nitrogen fertilizers, Phosphorus fertilizers , Potassium fertilizers, Calcium, magnesium, sulphur Fertilizers, Micronutrient fertilizers.

Grains, Pulses, Spices, Vegetable Oils, Machinery, Equipments, Chemicals

Hospital Chairs – ; Bedside table- H- shaped; U- shaped; Delivery table; Examination table ; CU bed; Pediatric bed; Ward plain bed ; Stretcher

chemical copper earthing electrode, copper bonded electrode, chemical gel earthing electrode, copper earthing electrode, gi earthing electrode

Copper (refined and concentrates) · Lead and zinc (refined and concentrates) · Alumina and aluminium · Nickel · Cobalt.


Physical commodities are the fundamental raw materials that underpin the global economy. They are traded in vast quantities across the globe.



Supplying both brand new and reconditioned medical equipment, we only offer models and brands that we have total faith in their quality, reliability and longevity to ensure our customers peace of mind

Your single source of wholesale medical-surgical supplies, lab equipment, pharmaceuticals and more.
Our more than 300,000 products include personal protective equipment, diagnostic equipment, diabetic supplies, incontinence products, surgical instruments, point-of-care lab testing, advanced wound care, pharmaceuticals and more

Surgical Mask
Senior Doctor
Doctor's Clinic
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Medical textiles is one of the fastest growing technical textile fields in India. Technical textiles are the textiles developed and manufactured textiles to meet specific functional properties for specific end use, engineered required by combining properties of different textile structures and materials.

Organizing and executing assigned business projects on behalf of clients according to client's requirements. Meeting with assigned clients when needed and perform an initial assessment of a problematic situation.

Creating value for organizations

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Assisting domestic and/or international clients (organisations, executives, leaders, and teams) in identifying and resolving complex business, organisational, and operational issues, as well as defining and improving procedures. 

Marketing : Trading : Business Consulting : Retailing : Manufacturing